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Seborrheic Keratoses

Seborrheickeratoses are skin growths that usually appear in adulthood. They can appear warty and be covered with a dark crust. Although they may be large, unsightly and grow quickly, they are benign.  They vary in color, usually appearing flesh-colored, brown or almost black.  

Seborrheickeratoses tend to run in families, and there is no real way to prevent them.  They are not caused by sun damage and they may be typically found on areas both covered and uncovered by clothing, especially on the back.  Because of their appearance, seborrheic keratoses can be confused with other skin growths, such as warts, moles,  or skin cancer such as melanoma.

Seborrheickeratoses are generally harmless, though they can be unsightly and become irritated, bleed or infected.  Seborrheic keratoses are easily removed by cryosurgery or shave excision as they do not usually extend deeply into the skin.